My story

Being a mum of 2 kids and a teacher, it is easy to get tired of the hectic schedule. Sewing and playing music are the best remedies for my stressful life. After taking the first sewing class, I have already fallen in love with its practicality and the beauty of fabric. 

I could not imagine that I had to move to a foreign country to start a new life due to the significant changes of my homeland, Hong Kong. It was not easy to quit our comfort zone and start everything over. I used to be workaholic and now I have to do all the housework myself instead of getting a full time job. How devastating it was, but still rewarding.

The reward is I can practice sewing and music at home. Now I can even turn my hobby into a business. Sewing not only fulfills my own needs when making homeware and personal items for my home and my children, but also empowers me to build my utopia, a room to keep my memory of Hong Kong, and a place to meet friends and professionals.

Sewing Caprice sells lively products which reflects our sudden and silly thoughts. These unique products are also like 'Caprice', a music piece in a lively style, to cheer our lives up.

You may find various collections here. 852 Village Handmade is my signature collection to honour my homeland. The section of fabric story is also my journal to share unique Hong Kong culture with the next generation. 

852 Crafter Market is definitely a platform to support Hongkongers. I understand that it is not easy to maintain a business. I hope this can be a comfortable place for crafters to present their art work without worries and they can find a  'BETTER ME' when crafting.  We are proud to present our extraordinary handmade crafts with our customers.

Each of your purchase is a support for our handcraft project, our pursuit of developing our own brand and our unique culture. Every customer and visitor is our VIP. Each product may not be perfect but it must be handmade with love and care.