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HKH02 Tissue Box Holder (Reversible)

HKH02 Tissue Box Holder (Reversible)

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This fantastic tissue box holder is tailor-made for Kirkland tissue box from Costco. The reversible design can definitely give you endless décor options to style your home and office every day with its beautiful fabric design. Other large boxes in similar size also fit. Small size can fit Aldi’s Softly tissue box.


Large: Estimated 23.5cm(L) x 11.5cm(W) x 10cm(H)  (Costco’s Kirkland tissue box & Sainsbury’s Saver tissue box)

Small: Estimated 22.5cm(L) x 11.5cm(W) x 7cm(H)  (Aldi’s Softly tissue box)

(Exact size of each product may have a slight difference in handmade process.)

Material: Cotton / Blended Cotton


Fabric pattern alignment, inner lining and accessories may vary.

Handwash recommended.

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